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Limitless Streamers | Application Guide

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Limitless Streaming Team

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Limitless Gaming LLC Stream Team. Below, you will find Frequently Asked Questions as well as general guidance for completing your application. Our main goal as streamers is to promote the Limitless Gaming community, as well as our FiveM Roleplay server. We're looking for those who are serious about roleplay and want to show our city to the world.

Application Guidance
  • The application consists of 11 questions you must respond to.​
  • We recommend that all applicants have previous streams playing our FiveM server prior to applying.
  • We recommend the use of professional looking overlays and Twitch Panels in your stream and on your Twitch page.
  • Untrue answers will result in your application being denied. Ex: You state that you are a Twitch Affiliate and you are not.​
  • If you are NOT a Twitch Affiliate, please use the Twitch Creator Dashboard to see your progress towards Twitch Affiliate. There are 3 criteria you must meet. Please list your stats for each section.​
  • If you are a Twitch Affiliate, please use the Twitch Creator Dashboard to see your progress to Twitch Partner. There are 3 criteria you must meet. Please list your stats for each section.​
  • Your follower count will be checked. Please do not falsify your follower count. (This is considered in the application but there is no minimum threshold of followers to be accepted)​
  • Please be detailed in your responses. Applications that contain 2-3 sentences for questions will be denied. An effort is required, just as it is when you are streaming.​


  • Q: What benefits do I gain by being a verified streamer with Limitless Gaming LLC?
    • A: You will receive a "Limitless Streamer" tag in our discord. This tag gives you access to a private streamer channel where you can converse and get tips from other streamers from our community. This tag also grants you access to post in our "🎙Livestreams🎙" discord channel. Our Discord currently has over 10,000 members that may view your post.
  • Q: Do I have to be a Twitch Affiliate to be accepted?
    • A: No! We look for effort from our community, not a title. If you are someone who streams our server every day but only averages 2 viewers, that's okay! We want to help you grow!
  • Q: Do I have to be a faction or gang member to be accepted?
    • A: No! This is merely a question to gauge what type of content you will be streaming.
  • Q: Can I post in the "🎙Livestreams🎙" when I am playing other games besides FiveM?
    • A: Currently, No. We are exploring ideas on how to promote your stream and our community when you are not playing on our FiveM server.
  • Q: Can I have my own streaming discord?
    • A: Yes! Many of our streamers do. We do require that you have at least one (1) staff member of Limitless Gaming that is a Verified Streamer to be in your discord to monitor it.

We look forward to viewing your application! If you have any questions, contact anyone with the Limitless Streamer tag in our Discord.
Disclaimer: Limitless Gaming LLC is in no way affiliated or partnered with Twitch.tv or Amazon. Being accepted here will gain you no benefits from Twitch.tv or Amazon.
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