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Happy Birthday Limitless Roleplay!


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Happy Birthday Limitless Roleplay!

Thank you all for a great 2019, and here's to an even better 2020!

In December of 2018, Limitless Roleplay was just an idea. (At least in it's current incarnation on the FiveM platform). On January 3rd 2019, we bit the bullet, bought the LimitlessRP.net domain, and decided to move forward with this idea to flip the Roleplay community upside down, and bring forth a true style of Roleplay that could only be found on other games such as San Andreas Multiplayer and Arma 3.

Justin and myself had no idea if this community would ever see more than 2 players online (those two being us.). There were so many servers already online that we did not know if there would be room for us out there, I mean hell, pull up the server list, sort by player count, and scroll to the bottom. There are a TON of empty servers out there with hopes and dreams like we had.

Through a lot of sleepless nights, several cans of Loca Mocha Monster, and a lot of love, Limitless Roleplay was ready to go at the end of January.

Whilst Limitless Roleplay was in a "Alpha / Beta" phase for most of January, Limitless Roleplay OFFICIALLY launched at the end of January.

There was nothing Special about the Limitless Roleplay launch. We had a server of 7 people, of whom were all friends and Administration. We roleplayed together fiercely, and had some of the greatest fun imaginable, but nobody seemed to join.

Sometime in the Middle of February, something changed on a dime. I told one of our administrators that Limitless was showing no signs of growing, and would likely be closing our doors in a months time. Our record playerbase at that time was
THIRTEEN PLAYERS. That exact night, something miraculous happened. Whilst we were having one of our roleplay sessions, we suddenly had an influx of join messages. One after the other, quickly and frantically. We had no idea what was going on, or why it was happening. We FILLED our server with 32 players for the first time! We were ecstatic, with no idea what was going on! I thought it may have been a fluke! So the next day, we eagerly gathered onto the server to see if it happened again. And for a while, it didn't. Then all of a sudden, again, around the same time as the previous day, the server started to rapidly fill up. We filled the server again!

Things moved quickly from there, we started filling the server and formed a queue. Who would have ever thought that anyone would enjoy our community so much, that they'd wait in a line to connect! The lines were getting RIDICULOUSLY long, with no break in sight. At the time, FiveM was working on an experimental project called ONESYNC. A platform that would allow any community that donated to their patreon to host a server with 64 players! The issue, was that it was highly untested, nobody used onesync. Everyone who tried it, gave up on it in a hurry, instead of finding the issues, reporting them back to fivem, and finding their own workarounds.

So we took a chance.

Limitless swapped over to Onesync, and thats when things really took off. We were at the top of the server list. People were wondering how it was possible that we had 64 players while everyone else had 32. Curiosity brought us an even greater number of players. We had our ups and downs with onesync, actively having crashing, glitches, etc. But we powered through those issues and provided some VALUABLE debug data back to the FiveM team, bringing about countless numbers of bugfixes. Things were going so strongly, we had to open a secondary server. Limitless Roleplay Server 2, two 64 slot servers, actively full with queues, collecting valuable debug data and paving the way for Onesync to take over the FiveM community. I mean hell, if we hadn't created Limitless, who knows where onesync would be now. We were number one, and other communities wanted a slice of that too. It became kind of a domino effect. Other communities started to brave through the crashing, and actively started reporting bugs, issues, and dumping VALUABLE data to FiveM, simply because of Limitless. Anyway, I'm bragging too much. I'm a man filled with pride, what can I say?

The point here, is that we had our ups and downs. Players came, players went. Good times and bad. But the most loyal of us stuck together, we made it through, hell, we had an extremely rough patch in August, due to school, differences, etc. But we brought Limitless back. Stronger than ever. Just look at us now.

Limitless has become a greater part of my life than I had ever imagined, and I have nobody to thank for that but you, the players, the administrators, and the helpers who volunteer their time to make Limitless the best community that it can be, day in and day out.

So I just wanted to take the time and say the obvious. Thank you. Thank you so much for making Limitless what it has become. Whether you've been here from the beginning, or just joined yesterday. We thank you for being a part of the Limitless FAMILY. Thats right, FAMILY. We pride ourselves in being such a tightly knit community, where its more than just Roleplay, its about friendship and BROTHERHOOD.

I love you all,

Long Live Limitless.

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